Faspa and Company is gourmet catering company founded on the idea that cooking locally and in season connects us to a rich communal heritage. The term Faspa is a low German word for a simple Sunday meal of homemade breads, cheeses and preserves. Faspa is a celebration of food, and a gathering of friends.  In this way, our company name speaks to our belief that the gathering of friends and family around a meal made with care is one of the greatest pleasures of life.  While we have expanded on the notion of “simple” by offering everything from gourmet, multi-course dinner parties to deliciously exquisite canapés, these ideals–community, locality, and seasonality– are the foundation of the catering services we offer. Along with our commitment to delicious and beautiful food made from scratch, Faspa and Company is equipped will all the tools needed to create a rich culinary experience for you and your guests.

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ABOUT CHEF BONNIE FRIESENBonnie was born, raised and fed on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia. Her passion for growing, cooking and eating food grew out of a combination of her mother’s love for cooking and her travels through Europe, which inspired her to enroll in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver.  There she learned the foundations of French gastronomy at the hands of skilled instructors who themselves were inspired by the local fare available at the nearby Granville Island Market.  After much training, and a stage at the renowned Vancouver Club during the 2010 Olympics, she graduated with her culinary diploma, the “Best Service Award 2010” and her first year Red Seal certificate.  Following her culinary education, she began her training in the field gaining extensive experience at Abbotsford’s Restaurant 62, working her way up from garde manger to Sous Chef to Chef Jeff Massey.  In addition to these formative and educational experiences, she has worked hands on at a variety of local farms, and even tried her hand at beekeeping. More recently, 2016 found Bonnie to be the proud recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. She finds her greatest satisfaction channeling all she has learned into creating elegant, locally inspired, multi course dinner parties for Faspa and Company. Bonnie currently resides on a farm in Yarrow, where she loves cooking in cast iron over an open fire by the Chilliwack river with her husband.

IMG_1634I am incredibly passionate about the bounty that the Pacific North Coast has to offer.  Because of the potential and variety of our local fare, it is my aim to promote the artisans, farmers, and harvest found in our own backyard.

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From an intimate 4 course dinner party  in the comfort of your home, to a canapé & cocktail event for you and 30 guests, Faspa and Company creates custom menus to elevate your evening and to best suit your event and your guests. All dishes are as local and seasonal as possible; from the surrounding farmers, artisans, local grocers and other small business owners in our backyard, and presented with a fine dining, farm to table, west coast flare.


Outdoor Long Table Dinners


In addition to offering catered dinner parties in your home, Faspa & Co can also provide you and your guests with a unique dining experience in the great outdoors. Our 26′ beautifully hand-crafted long table with built in bench seats can seat 26 guests comfortably and be transported to any location you can dream, from your own backyard to the middle of a farmers field- the sky is the limit. Along with full service ware rentals for up to 30 guests, string lights and some decor, the table an be rented along with the catering services of Faspa & Co., or on its own. Email us with your vision and to request a quote.


Cooking Classes


“What I bring to the table is a philosophy of life and food that I have been so humbled to learn from a myriad of passionate, award-winning chefs and that I have translated into a skill I can use to give back to our community.” – Chef Bonnie Friesen

Cooking classes are not only amazing way to learn some new skills and tools in the kitchen, but also a perfect way to gather together with friends, family, and co-workers to enjoy an evening of good company, delicious food and a shared love for the craft of cooking. Faspa & Co. offers in home, demo-style cooking classes for 6 – 12 guests. Chef Bonnie Friesen creates seasonal classes to tailor to your party- let us know what style of cooking or genre of cuisine you would like to learn more about! Or choose from a variety of tried and true classes we have hosted in the past. Each class is accompanied by 3-4 tasting courses of the dishes you’ve learned,  along with printed recipe cards to add to your repertoire. Classes start at $75 per guest. Please email to request more information.

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