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A question is often posed to chefs asking what their “last” meal would be. I know I stand in good company when I say mine would be the classic French dish, duck confit.

Duck confit is a preserved duck leg dish, where the legs are first cured, and then cooked by being submersed in duck fat at a low temperature until the meat is almost falling off the bone. Cooked this way, the duck legs can be stored in the fat for up to 6 months! What results is the most luxurious, tender, flavourful, and versatile piece of meat I dare say you will ever come across. I love shredding the confit into “rillettes”, a rustic pate, served with a fruity chutney on a toasted crostini (with a glass of Pinot Noir, of course). It is amazing when you crisp the skin and serve the whole leg over a frisee salad, or duck fat roasted potatoes. I have been known to serve duck confit in tacos, dumplings, crepes.. the list goes on. The best part? ¬†Together with Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry, I’ve made a video showing you step by step how truly EASY it is to make at home! Don’t wait for your “last meal” to give this recipe a try – watch the video, and head to The Farm Store in Yarrow to pick up some duck legs!


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